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Full Service Hotel: Complete Telephone System Replacement

A 355-room hotel located in the New York City metropolitan area with 23,000 square feet of meeting space, two restaurants, a fitness center and pool had a PBX that was at the end of its usefulness. The hotel had spent tens of thousands of dollars in the previous twelve months on upgrades and repairs to the PBX as well as the Voicemail, Auto-attendant and Call Accounting systems – and still was not able to get reliable functionality or useful call data.

After an comprehensive analysis of options, they chose Thing5’s cloud-based T5 Voice solution, replacing all of the aging hardware and software components of the phone systems as well as the carrier services.


Superior Functionality, Fiscally SensibleFS Case Image 1

The property Finance Director, who led the analysis, concluded that Thing5’s solution was the right choice for both short and long-term Total Cost of Ownership, as well as overall functionality.

“The decision to go with Thing5’s T5 Voice offering was easy; the financials of purchasing a traditional system versus Thing5’s solution were better for us, both short- and long-term,” noted the Finance Director. ”The capital outlay was significantly lower and we’ve eliminated multiple contracts as well as future hardware and software expenses. The hotel’s monthly operating costs have decreased as a direct result of implementing Thing5’s solution. Our hotel is now positioned to add modern services such as guest smart phone integration. Our owners are very pleased with Thing5’s T5 Voice solution as a value-added infrastructure improvement.”


Smooth Installation

As with all of its deployments, Thing5 managed all phases of the project. The Thing5 deployment process is designed specifically for FSPBXDepTimelinehoteliers and minimizes any disruption to hotel operations. The initial two phases include data collection, programming, staging and testing – all of which take place at Thing5 headquarters. New administrative phones and the small footprint of  phone closet hardware for the solution were shipped to the property the day before the cutover. The next day, technicians completed the final, onsite phase of the deployment.

Training for the property staff was included in the final phase of the deployment and easily accommodated their schedules. The hotel kept its analog guest room phones in order to keep costs low; the existing room phones and associated wiring are compatible with Thing5’s hosted solution.

“There was only a half-hour of downtime, as planned, shortly after midnight on the day of the installation,” remarked the property’s Operations Director. “Thing5’s installation process was seamless for us with no impact to guests or our team here at the property. The Thing5 hosted solution makes so much sense for us; we don’t want to deal with phone closet equipment and the related vendors and support providers – we want to take care of guests. I feel elated and relieved to have replaced our old phone system.”


Worry Free Phone System and Great Data for Operational Improvements

The hotel management and staff now have access to all call data and call disposition, allowing them to optimize staff schedules and budget accordingly. With Thing5’s telephony system in place, the hotel has identified and implemented better call routing within the hotel, customized call rollover to their call center and realized additional savings of over $100,000 in staffing reductions.

Happy Owners

The hotel ownership fully backed the property’s decision and is replacing all of their legacy PBXs with Thing5’s offerings going forward.


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